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Sessa & Company helps entrepreneurs realize their full potential. The Company assists start-up, small cap and mid-cap companies successfully and efficiently reach their organizational goals.

Sessa & Company can develop the right strategies and plans for you to achieve outstanding success. Our company utilizes an approach that leads to sustainable success through proper strategy, structure, planning and followed actions.

About us

Sessa & Company, Inc. was founded in 2008 as a consulting firm focused on business development and growth. We consistently enable our clients to achieve a wide range of meaningful results. We’ve also created, refined, and proven an array of processes, tools, and support services that help companies get grounded in reality, chart a course to success, secure capitalization, and achieve profitable growth.


Sessa & Company can realistically help most any company advance its business and secure one or more forms of capitalization. Our company will allow you see the picture from "10,000 feet", help you realize and assess your best possible sources, and provide our clients with a road map and the tools they will need for capitalization success.


We work with you, collaborating as team members rather than mountain-top gurus, helping you succeed through intelligent approach, diligent effort, and effective execution.

Business Development


Web Development


Financial Modeling


Investment Planning



Our team specializes in realizing entrepreneurship goals, raising capital, small business finance and valuation, operations, sales and marketing, technology, measuring business opportunities, as well as creating and executing strategic and tactical plans. This expertise has been distilled into processes and approaches that have been proven time and again for clients in many industries and all development stages.


We blend the elements of our expertise, process, and implementation methodologies into a tightly focused suite of consultation services to support intelligent business establishment, capitalization, growth, and profitability.


We offer the following services to help your company accomplish their organizational goals and objectives:

Business Assessment

Financial Modeling

Website Development

Investment Packaging

Developmental Support and Analysis

Graphic Design

Complete Start-up Corporate Consulting

The Team

Because of our wonderfully diverse team, Sessa & Company has the ability to find start-up and corporate solutions for a wide range of clientele.

Dr. John Sessa

CEO / Founder

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Danica Baltazar

Executive International Affair

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Awulika Oputa

Business Development Consultant

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Ishara Ruwan Pathirana


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Sumair Niazi

Lead Graphic Design Artist

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Nazhath Banu

Legal Council

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Khangelani Hlongwane

Head Research Analyst

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