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We are entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs in the growth and development of their companies. We share the passion of what makes a startup successful. Our services support your ideas in a project or advisory capacity with the right and unique strategies to achieve your goals. 

If you're ready for an effective, responsive, and holistic framework for success. Sessa & Co., LLC is your growth partner.

Global Strategic Sourcing

Transform your approach, identify opportunities – and unlock value across your supply chain.

That sounds simple enough, but a flawed approach to this challenge prevents many companies from reaching their growth and earnings potential. Without benchmarking and internal alignment, many investments bear little fruit, leaving vast profits untapped and out of reach.

Sessa & Co., LLC turns global strategic sourcing into your competitive advantage. We specialize in helping organizations transform their global procurement and sourcing strategies to boost efficiencies and increase earnings. After coupling your knowledge and insights with the experience of our consultants, we put our 11 Gate Process to work, analyzing hundreds of purchase categories and identifying key opportunities to unlock the pent-up value in your organization’s supplier relationships.

Our approach to global strategic sourcing:

Focuses on total cost management

Guarantees results and margin enhancement

Benchmarks against industry leaders

Identifies low-cost country sourcing opportunities

Builds cross-functional teams

Transforms supplier relationships into alliances

Specializes in highly complex purchase categories

Draws on deep international purchasing experience

Comes complete with a sourcing strategy for private equity

Growth Strategy

We design customized actionable strategies that solve tough challenges, advance business outcomes and rapidly deliver results. We listen and collaborate to define clear actions and KPI’s for success. In short we help you efficiently and effectively do more.

Market Research & Analysis

Growth Strategy & Business Planning

Gap Analysis & Benchmarking

Product/Market Fit

SWOT Breakdown

Process Improvement & Validation

Market Expansion

Goal Planning & Execution

Marketing Strategy& Planning

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing. Every business is unique and different channels and techniques are different for each company's audiences. That’s why we are a custom partner to amplify your brand, scale your digital efforts and accelerate market impact.

Market Research & Analysis

Go-to-Market Strategy

Brand Development

Positioning & Messaging

Segmentation & Personas

Communications & Channel Strategy

Digital Marketing Planning

Creative & Design

Website Effectiveness

Product Design &
Technology Advisory

Whether product scoping, UX design, user testing or development oversight, we ensure a process that is agile and lean to help reach your desired state and product-market fit.

Product Strategy & Roadmap

Product Concept Validation

Product Prototyping and Testing

User Experience Design

Supportive Technology Assessment

Finance & Funding

We thoroughly scrutinize the details
and bring our substantial experience and
expertise to help you with your funding strategy.

Due Diligence

Funding Strategy

Executive Summary

Pitch Deck

Financial Planning and Analysis

Cap Table/Offer Sheet

Transportation & Logistics

When moving goods is part of your business, Transportation Rationalization — efficient and effective distributions and streamlined logistics — matters. The more you rely on transportation for competitive advantage, the more urgent rationalization becomes.

Sessa & Co., LLC helps companies go out to the global marketplace and interview, negotiate, and select key carriers – from fleet and rail leases to truckload and LTL, ocean to barge, and third-party logistics outsourcing. We’ll even help you build your own fleets if that emerges as the best option. We let data level the playing field and lead the way to the optimal solution.

Our experience and proven approach unlocks savings – from instantly realized transactional savings through reduced rates, to long-term operational improvement savings that keep rolling out as the data streams in. This focus on data analytics and real-time market benchmarking will guide how ships are loaded, how trucks are turned, how schedules are changed, and how communications are made to ensure timely delivery.

Web & Mobile

Increase your digital presence and make your business leverage the power of the internet. Sessa & Co. has a pool of developers ready to bring your to a whole new level. We build and develop applications for both web and mobile environment.

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Software as a Service (Saas)


e-Commerce platform

Android & iOS mobile apps

Built for the long haul

Mutual success is not just about achieving the goals set today.
Sessa & Co., LLC is committed to fostering long-term relationships and leveraging our dynamic partner ecosystem to help companies realize success in the long run.

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